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You’ve probably heard it said a lot – “Playing the dating game”.  Like in board games, dating has a goal involved, lots of strategy, and of course opponents.  The good thing is, there are LOTS of people out there to choose from – so it doesn’t make the game so bad.  And even a bad date isn’t all that bad, when you are meeting new people, and learning about them.

If you have read the “Dating Tip #6 – It’s a game!”, let us know your view on it, and if it helps you in dating.

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You can’t say too much about this.  It’s probably the single most difficulty that people face in relationships, if it isn’t looked at and evaluated carefully.

It’s good practice to simply watch people when you are out and about in life.  How are different people reacting to those around them?  Are they happy, sad, upset, disinterested?  And how are people responding to these people and how they act?

The more you check people out, and decide on their emotional levels, the better you will be at checking the same thing out during a date.  Really look at that person you are dating, and bring up various subjects, like what their work is, their goals are, how they feel about dogs or cats, how they feel about the government, etc.  What emotions are they showing when they discuss these different things.  Do they get upset with you?  Do they show excitement when talking about their work, or feel depressed about it, or bored about it?  What’s their attitude toward children in general?

A lot of times, their emotions that they display with you, are the emotions that you will be seeing a lot of, when you get into a relationship with them.  Some people put their good foot forward when they are on the first dates, so you really have to see if there’s an emotion that’s being hidden.  So it’s good to ask a lot of questions, and see if you can get honest answers, and true emotions coming from them.

It’s fun to look over people, and try and determine what their emotional levels are – the better you are at it, the better you will be at finding and choosing “Mr. or Ms. Right”!

If you have read over and tried out the “Dating Tip #4 – Emotional Level”, feel free to tell us what you think of  it below – we’d love to hear from you!

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Dating tip: “Pre-date” before dating

Many people have made the comment after a date:  “Why did I spend so much time and money on this date that I was on, because we weren’t a match at all?  I couldn’t wait to get out of it.”

That situation is easily resolved, if you plan your first “date” or “pre-date” to go to a coffee show and talk for a bit over coffee, tea or cookies?  Things don’t go well, you can easily excuse yourself, and plan something else for the day.  If you plan an expensive evening at a restaurant, the date could take a few hours, and cost a lot by the time it is done.

Simply arrange a quick little coffee shop get together, and see if you are compatible with the person your found interesting on the dating service.  If things go well, you can always plan other things together afterwards.

If you have read and tried out “Dating Tip #3 – “Pre-date” before dating”, let us know how it worked for you.  Or if you have any comments about it, feel free to enter them below.