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You can probably date most anyone, and live with them for a week.  However, beyond that time, there could be trouble!

There was an episode on the TV series “Friends” in which Joey and Chandler (being roommates) got into a fight, and they decided to no longer be roommates.  Chandler pulled in another roommate named “Eddie” – and it didn’t go well.  What was the problem?  Compatibility.  So before too many commercial breaks occurred, Joey was back being a roommate of Chandler’s.

The things in life you find compatible with someone, the better the changes of a long lasting relationship.

You’ve all heard it said “A relationship is all about compromising”.  Well, that could be true – but also this:  The more one is compatible with a person, the fewer compromises that needs to happen.  It’s all about agreements.  If you agree on a lot of things (naturally, not forced), things go smoother and easier.  If there are a lot of areas of life in which there isn’t much compatibility, then it could be a rocky road.

It’s best to look at many areas of our life, and see how compatible they are with the person you want to have a relationship with.  Maybe there are a lot of areas of incompatibility and you still want to be with them – but at least you know the areas that need to have more attention and communication about – so there are no surprises later on.  Most areas of incompatibility can be resolved just by talking about it.  Maybe a few comprises in some areas – but at least both of you are aware of the differences, and can love the differences in each other.

If you have read and and tried out the “Dating Tip #5 – Compatibility”, let us know how it’s worked for you.  We’d love to hear your ideas or comments.

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