Dating Tip #6 – It’s a game!


Dating is like a game that you play – there are fun parts to it, not so fun parts, and a goal that you are trying to reach.  Treat it like there’s new things to learn about people, dating, etc., and you have more fun at it and have a better time with it.

One of the best abilities a person can have when dating is the ability to reject and be rejected hundreds of times over without it being a problem. Better to play the game, confront, experience and learn from it than not to play the game at all!

Rejection is the biggest button, and the hardest thing to confront in this game.  Who likes being rejected?  Who likes rejecting another?  However, to do well in dating, one needs the ability to reject and be rejected LOTS OF TIMES without it being a problem.

In the world, rejection happens all the time.  He asks her to dance.  She says no.  She flirts with him.  He ignores her.  It happens directly.  It happens indirectly.

Realize that most people understand (or will after they read this) that REJECTION IS ROUTINE in a dating service and in dating.  It’s what’s expected. You could reject bunches of them, and bunches of them could reject you.  So what?

Above all, keep in mind – there’s “lots of fish in the sea”.