Dating Tip #7 – The magic of outflow

When you are looking for your ideal relationship, you have a powerful tool in “outflow”.  You can either sit and wait, and hope that people will come to you – or you can take action and do something, and make yourself know so Mr. or Ms. Right will find you.  Nothing like being causative rather than being the effect of the situation.

Once you start doing something, it’s no longer a stuck situation, with nothing happening.  It can be as simple as putting a profile on one or more dating services.  It’s an easy action to do, and it creates action, and motion, and being seen – and before you know it, you get response to that.

So here’s the magic part – “doing something”, “outflowing” makes things happen.  Sitting and waiting for something to happen brings about nothing.  And you’d be surprised at the response you get.

A lady lived within a block of her dream, yet didn’t find him until she put a profile up on a dating service.  He saw and read her profile, responded to her, and it wasn’t until later that they found out how close they lived from one another.