Dating Tip #8 – Creating profiles

Creating profiles on dating services are a great way to constantly promote for you, so it’s good to know what can help make them more effective.

Profiles are like advertisements that business do.  Business ads are designed to sell products and make their products more know and well thought of.  In the case of profiles, you want the right guy or girl to read your profile and respond to it.

Too little or too much

People tend to make two mistakes with their profiles – they put too little in their profile or they put too much.  This includes the amount of photos that you upload onto a profile.  If you put too little information about yourself in your profile, a person is more apt to simply move off of it, and check out another profile.  If you have too much information, it leaves no mystery for the person to want to contact you to find out more about you.  You can easily find out how much text is too much in a profile by simply looking over profiles yourself.  If the amount of text goes on for a long page, are you likely to read it?  Probably not.  So once you have written about yourself in your own profile, take an exterior view of it – does it look like it’s just too much that is said?  If so, then shorten it up a bit, to allow the person to think, “I want to know more about this person!”.

Change things in your profile

After you have had your profile up for awhile, and feel you haven’t gotten enough response – don’t get discouraged.  It’s time to simply make some changes, and see which change pulls in more response or a better response.  In advertising, not all ads are immediate hits.  Just like the ads that sell milk – how many ads were created, before they hit upon the “Got milk?” commercial?  A lot of them.  So instead of getting frustrated or discouraged, pull up your sleeves and make a few changes to what you said in your profile.  With each change, note the response it gets, or the quality of response it gets.  The same thing goes with your photos.  Try a few, and if they don’t pull in the response you hoped, try a few different photos, and see if that changes the response.  You simply tweak the text and images over and over, until you are getting the right response and the right quality of reach.