Dating Tip #1 – Ideal Relationship

Get a really good idea of what your ideal relationship is.

The first thing you should do is sit down and write up what you really want in a relationship.  Be specific.  Write down what you really need and want from the person and from the relationship.  By doing this, it allows you to really pull in what you want!  How can you get something, if you don’t really decide what it is that you want?  Sounds simple – and it is.

A lot of people run around looking for “Mr. or Ms. Right”, yet they never have decided what “Mr. or Ms. Right” should be like.  Once you have it written down, then you can pull in what you want based on that.  And you can always change it, or tweak it, if you feel some of the things you listed are really not appropriate or workable, or not really want YOU want.

So as you are dating, you are constantly comparing the person you are going out with, with the list you write up for your ideal relationship.  If the guy or girl is way outside of what you write on the list, then you can evaluate if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  If it’s a good thing, then it’s time to make changes to your list.  If it’s a bad thing, then you know immediately that this person is not the right one for you.

Writing up your ideal relationship provides a road map for you.  With it, you have a goal set forth, and provides a path you take – and it can prevent you from falling into a lot of potholes along that way!

One other thing – you should include in your ideal relationship what the relationship should be like AFTER you meet Mr. or Ms. Right.  Once you meet up with someone, go over with them your ideas on your ideal relationship, and see what he ideas are.  Between the two of you, you can create some great agreements that can last a life time – or the two of you can change them along the way.  If not, that relationship you started won’t have any direction or compass, and will just go along in any old direction.  Both of your can take control, and create the direction and relationship that you both really want.

Here’s to you having a smooth trip in getting who you want, and creating the ideal relationship once you meet!