Dating Tip #2 – Promote


We don’t have to say much more than that!  Well, actually, we do.  There’s a basic principle of:  OUTFLOW = INFLOW   And it definitely applies to dating.  The more you promote, the more you will inflow – in this case, get reaches for dates.  With the Internet, and LOTS of dating services out there, there is no shortage of ways to promote yourself.  The more dating services you can get on the better – with profiles of yourself acting as advertisements about you.  True, some of the dating services cost a lot of money to join, but there are a number of dating services where you can sign up for free.

Creating a profile – your free advertising!

Make sure your profile is filled out.  By filling out your profile, people will know WHO YOU ARE.  It’s making sure your Prince Charming or your Lovely Lady can find you!  Having your profile filled out will make it easy for them to know who you are and that you are there. They are looking – so make sure they find you.

Photos on your profile

The first thing you should do is get a photo or photos of yourself on your profile. MANY MEMBERS DON’T VIEW PROFILES THAT DON’T HAVE A PHOTO.

Your photo is your first line of promotion, so it’s worth it to get a really good one. The more aesthetic it is (without being unreal), the more it will attract and help get a communication line in.

Here are some helpful hints for taking good pictures:

  • From research found about Internet dating, people get more response when you show one or more pictures of yourself DOING SOMETHING you enjoy. The typical “head shot” with you just standing there, tends to get much less response.
  • It’s best to have someone else take the photos. Photos taken by yourself (a selfie) with a digital camera or smart phones are usually not very good.
  • Wear good colors and clothing styles that show you off best.

With all the outflow that you create, with profiles and photos all over the place, you will start getting reaches, then it’s just a matter of seeing how the people you date line up with your ideal relationship you wrote up.