Dating Tip #5 – Compatibility


It’s been said that the best way to determine if you can easily live with some, is to go on a road trip with them.  If you survive that in one piece (without too many fights) and can easily just be in the same space with someone without having to say anything – that you’ve found a pretty good match.

It takes a little more than that, but that’s a good start.  To create a life with someone, and keep the love a live, there needs to be a lot to agree on with what you are doing in life.  It goes back to Dating Keys to Success #1 – one needs to get agreement with their partner on what they plan on doing in life, and what the goals are.  If you get a lot of agreement on that, it makes the relationship a lot more fun, as you are working together at living or achieving things.  It’s like playing tug of war with your partner if you don’t have many agreements between the two of you.  Both are pulling against each other on the tug of war rope, and just wearing each other out.

How compatible are you in the different areas of your life?  Whether it be music you like to listen to, or movies you like to watch, or what’s your idea of a fun time on a Saturday night?  Or the areas of money, finance, kids, lifestyle, or food.  It’s a lot to tackle, but if confronted and worked out agreements between the two of you, it can make life a LOT easier to deal with, and a lot fewer potholes to stumble into.  Here’s a website that offers free compatibility testing, that we recommend.  If anything, the test can give you an idea of all the different areas of one’s life that should be looked at, in terms of sharing them with someone.  If there are areas of huge differences, then you know those are the areas that need to be worked on, to ensure the best agreement between you and your partner.  And with those dealt with, then you and your partner are working WITH each other, and not against one another in life and with what you do or like to do.   The web address of this test is: